Chapter 840


“Young master, we’ve received news that a gold priest of the church of wealth would like to meet you. He’ll reach Venus Port in the next few days.”

Claire and Clara blushing brought Jacob a goblet of mixed fruit juice after waking up from their reverie. This was a drink of the elves that Leylin found delightful.

“Gold priest? Just having a silver priest coming over would already be enough…” Leylin half-reclined on the elven rattan chair, looking languid, comfortable, and not ruffled at all.

Waukeen’s priests were divided into a few ranks, the highest of which was the current Patriarch. The rest of them were arranged according to currency, copper being the lowest and gold the highest.

A gold priest was equivalent to an archbishop, a status that greatly exceeded that of Bishop Tapris from the church of knowledge. Even if Tapris was converted by Waukeen, he would only be a Silver Priest.

The church of wealth sending out...

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