Chapter 837

Return Home

*Plunk!* A few figures were forced out of stealthy advancement, and their bodies bore the traces of having been frozen.

“How did you find us?” Cly’s face was now filled with disbelief.

“Dead men don’t need to know anything!” The blood-red Devilblood Dagger appeared in Leylin’s hand, making him look more evil.

*Whoosh!* He turned into a phantom, pouncing towards these few assassins.

“Damn it…” Feeling sluggish from the frost, Cly’s expression was incredibly sinister. Somehow, he already knew who had sold him out.

In the end, all he saw was a dazzling blood-red.

*Pu! Pu! Pu!* Making use of the hindrance from the ice storm and the poor visibility, Leylin took care of the assassins in an instant. The many enemies with immense injuries caused by the ice storm finally lifted their white flag to surrender.

However, Leylin was disinclined to bother with matters like his subordinates looting and taking prisoners. He looked at the prompt his A.I. Chip gave him.


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