Chapter 834


“Foreign wizard! I can sense an aura emitting from you, that only clan priests possess!” The high-level barbarian warrior, Odge, had his eyes fixated on Leylin’s hands, “In addition, you’re also a soldier worth respecting!”

His astonishing sharpness allowed him to sense Leylin’s accomplishments as a warrior.

“Then… Speak your purpose in coming here!” After Odge spoke, the fox lady Madam Tillen immediately stood obediently as the side, as though she was a maid showing respect.

Leylin took a deep breath, then said his request, “I would like to join forces with the Barbarians’ to attack the Baltic archipelago!”

“Are you crazy, young lad?” Even the fox woman couldn’t listen to such a fantastical plan. She stood up as her chest heaved violently, “Do you know how many Professionals Marquis Louis has under him? You actually want to rope us in as his enemy? Don’t think we’ll think highly of you because you exterminated the Black Tigers and Half Merfolk Island. Wait till you’ve gotten rid of the Black Skeletons or Tigershark Pirates, before...

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