Chapter 833


“A priest of Cyric?” Leylin stepped backwards, “Since this is what the God of Murder’s priest wants, then I’ll forget it…” He had no plans of killing people here, he was in their territory after all.

“Lord Priest, please let me…” At this moment, the assassin on the ground began to crawl, eyes full of hatred for Leylin.

“Enough, fall back!” The voice yelled at the assassin without favouritism, causing him to freeze.

“You just wait!” The assassin glared at Leylin, drawing a finger across his neck before disappearing into thin air.

“Hehe… Little Cly was far too reckless and impulsive. Esteemed guest, please come with me!” The priest politely gestured at Leylin to move on. Leylin rubbed his nose and walked with him.


Leylin left a long while later, having acquired what he needed. This priest then turned here and there in the underground world, and finally left the Thieves’ Guild and arrived in a secret room.

The flames around them...

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