Chapter 832


As he walked in the direction that the daggers pointed, his surroundings became increasingly remote. The liveliness of Pirates’ Cove was gradually left behind, and Leylin began to feel a pervasive sense of eeriness and desolation.

This feeling grew even more obvious after he walked down a flight of stone stairs. The terrifying senses of wizards allowed him to notice that there were three pairs of eyes spying on him in the shadows.

“It really feels like I’m walking down to hell!” Leylin chuckled. The sun was covered by vast dark clouds, projecting tremendous shadows.

He pressed his palm onto a gray rock covered in moss, and a gap immediately appeared in a wall nearby. He did not hesitate as he quickly ducked into the gap, simultaneously feeling many astonished gazes directed at him.

There was a very short path behind the wall, and at its end was a wooden door with an iron ring.

*Thump! Thump!* Leylin used the ring to knock loudly on the door, and it let out a distant sound.

The door creaked...

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