Chapter 831

Thieves’ Guild

“No need, I still have matters to attend to. I’ll return at night,” Leylin got up to reject her, ignoring Madam Tillen’s resentful expression behind his back.

“Master, where are we going?” Karen stood next to Leylin, as well-behaved as a maid. Although the talks had not even begun, she acted as if she already belonged to him.

Hulk and Giant stood further away like a pair of loyal Imperial bodyguards.

“Call a few over to come with us and recruit the sailors,” Leylin said. Be it the Scarlet Tiger or the merfolk ship, they currently had a severe shortage in sailors. As a result, they needed to recruit a great number of sailors as quickly as possible. Pirates' Cove would always have plenty of these fellows, one only needed to carefully choose from them.

‘Whips and Whiskey!’ Leylin looked at the tavern’s name rather speechlessly, but still opened the wooden door. Although it was still morning, the tavern was filled with people doing business, as well as many hungover drunkards.

“Boss! We...

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