Chapter 830


“Very well, I’ll speak with the boss later about the issue of your ransom,” Leylin promised, rubbing his hands together.

“Many thanks, master!” Karen immediately began to address him differently. Although she currently looked like a weak little elfling, Leylin knew that once he cured her of her poison and armed her with a sharp dagger, this half-drow would immediately become a powerful god of death in the shadows.

After she had thanked him, the room’s atmosphere immediately grew awkward.

“Master… Would you like me to call my sister maids over?” Karen twisted the corner of her skirt, and looked extremely embarrassed.

“There’s no need. Didn’t you come to help me pour the hot water?” Leylin smiled faintly. The bloody battles and the accumulation of a great deal of life energy had left a fire in him that needed quenching.

“Yes, master!” Karen’s lips curved into a charming smile, and the entire room was soon enveloped in a layer of youthful lust.

Breakfast in the Barbarian Inn was a rich...

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