Chapter 828


‘A.I. Chip, scan their stats!’ Leylin commanded inwardly.

[Beep! Establishing mission, initiating scan.] Invisible ripples swept across the area, and the stats of one the barbarian guards were soon displayed.

[Name: Unknown, Race: Barbarian Warrior, Rank 5, Strength: 5, Agility: 2, Vitality: 4, Spirit: 1. Feats: 1. Strong: Barbarians possess increased strength and vitality. 2. Berserk: When they hit emotional extremes, some barbarians have the ability to enter a berserk state of violence, increase strength by 1 and reducing agility and spirit by 0.5.]

The A.I. Chip scanned the other barbarian as well, and he had similar stats.

‘These two barbarian warriors both have Berserk abilities?’ Leylin secretly compared them to his own men, ‘If they really fight, then even Cyclops can't beat them. Perhaps Giant could get in one strike if he risked his life, but after that…

‘After all, it's rumoured that barbarians are very well suited to be warriors, but the intelligent ones amongst...

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