Chapter 824

Mermaid Island

Leylin put the Devilblood Dagger away. He sensed that he had absorbed an enormous amount of life force, and it had all been transformed into spiritual force. Having already reached the peak, this additional energy pushed him to a breakthrough.

[Beep! Host has gone through a battle. Devilblood Dagger has completed the energy conversion! Spirit +0.1]

[Host’s spiritual force has reached 8, rank has increased. Host is now a rank 8 wizard.]

[Host has advanced to rank 8! Number of rank 3 spell slots increased by 1, number of rank 2 spell slots increased by 1.]

A few prompts jumped out all at once, and Leylin’s mouth curved up into a wide smile in response.

Converting almost all of this Merfolk Pirate captain’s flesh had given him an increase of only 0.1 in his Spirit stat. However, it helped him break through the threshold of a rank 8 wizard, something that many low-ranking wizards on the continent couldn’t even beg for.

‘However, it’s better not to let others know about this strange way of breaking...

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