Chapter 823


‘I don’t really want the other two ships, but this main battleship is rather good!’ Leylin purposefully lifted the effects of the Flight spell, and landed on the Merfolk Pirates’ deck.

“What? This foolish wizard dared come here by himself?” The captain of the Merfolk Pirates was overjoyed, “Get up there! Kill him!”

Two odd-looking pirates, with the heads of a crab and a squid, swarmed around Leylin and surrounded him completely. Their eyes were filled with ferocity.

*Puff! Puff!* The air seemed to twist, and two sharp daggers which looked just like a pair of poisonous snakes appeared and bared their sharp teeth at Leylin.

“Mm! This Sneak of Shadows is comparable to Mankeh’s…” Leylin had a ferocious smile on his face, “What a shame that you squids alone aren't enough!"

In a flash of blood-red light, the Devilblood Dagger appeared in Leylin’s hand. As he held the dagger, he seemed to transform into the image of a night elf, his every act and every move seeming to be filled with a unique be...

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