Chapter 821

Level 1 Magic Weave

The bitterly cold seawater seemed to chill one to the bone as the mountainous black figure suddenly appeared in front of Leylin.

As the A.I. Chip finished scanning, the Tigershark’s stats appeared in front of him. [Mutant Tigershark, Estimated Stats: Strength: 7+, Agility: 2-4, Vitality: 13+, Spirit: 3. Abilities: 1. Sharkskin: A Tigershark’s skin has a slight resistance to physical and magical attacks. 2. Lesser Regeneration: Slight ability to restore a certain amount of life force.]

“Not bad, not bad. With this physique and abundant energy, it’s worthy of being called a deep sea creature…” Leylin’s eyes seemed to glow a crimson red.

Aquatic Swiftness! A glowing enchantment draped itself over Leylin’s body, and he obtained greater speed in the water. It made him as nimble in the water as he was on land.

An enormous sound wave spread out, causing massive vibrations. The forcefield around Leylin’s Mage Armour creaked, as if unable to bear the attack.

The Tigershark seemed to care...

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