Chapter 82

A Way To Breakthrough

Leylin's expression softened; this was one of the rare occasions that this occurred. He still remembered this unfortunate girl and the grief and perseverance on this girl's face before.

"It's really great to see you again, how are Guricha and Dodoria?"

Leylin smiled.

Hearing this, Nyssa who was wrapped in the black cloak shuddered, and her voice was gloomy as she said, "They're all dead. Even Kaliweir, Beirut, the ones who came with us from the Chernobyl Islands, more than half of them perished...."

"My apologies...."

Leylin did not know what he ought to say. Although he did divulge a bit of information previously, it was extremely obscure. Whether or not Kaliweir and the rest could figure it out, and if they could view it solemnly were all matters of uncertainty.

Moreover, even if they discovered that something was amiss, they were only first or second grade acolytes without much aptitude. Whether or not they could obtain discriminating treatment from the academy and leave was also difficult to say.

As expected, Nyssa continued, "After getting news from you, we'd came together several times. However, there were no good measures. Not long later, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy announced a lockdown of the whole academy, otherwise, death would be granted... Afterwards, the war began...."

Official Magi were the core strength of the war between both sides. Kaliweir, together with the others who weren't even level 3 acolytes were not fit to be cannon fodder, so heavy casualties were to be expected.

Leylin could not think of any consoling words. Nyssa too did not continue, and silence ensued.

"Mission recorded and confirmed as completed! This is your reward, please check and accept!"

At this moment, the freckled girl from behind the counter had finally raised her head, and scribbled on a piece of parchment paper with a feather quill, finally handing over a small leather sack to Leylin.

Leylin weighed the sack, and rubbing noises between magic crystals came travelling from the leather sack.

"I still have something on, so I'll take my leave first!"

Leylin said to Nyssa, leaving her with a complicated expression on her face.

"Mission is completed, time to meet with Mentor!"

Leylin walked through the gardens and came to the experiment lab where Kroft was.

* Dong Dong Dong! *

Leylin knocked on the door, following which, the door creaked open, revealing a pretty girl.

The girl was slightly shorter than Leylin by half a head and had beautiful, green hair. Her body contours were extremely seductive. Due to the proximity, Leylin could even catch a whiff of her perfume.

"Bicky! It's been a long time!" Leylin spoke softly.

"You are... Leylin!" The green-haired girl sized up Leylin suspiciously with a glance, before cheering as she leapt into his arms.

Feeling the soft perky abundance against his chest, and the fragrance that wafted into his nose, Leylin could not help but exclaim at this little girl having matured.

"Alright! I am here to visit Kroft!"

Leylin waited for a good while, and seeing that the girl did not want to leave his embrace, he could only he cajole her while patting her on the shoulders.

"Mentor is just inside, together with Merlin!" Bicky rubbed her somewhat reddened eyes, and her delicate features revealed a smile, "You being alright is really a great thing...."

Leylin nodded his head and walked into the experiment lab.

"Leylin!" Merlin greeted him first. His features did not change much from the past 3 years, only that his temperament seemed more stable and mature. After seeing Leylin, he forced an extremely ugly smile.

"Senior Merlin!" Leylin bowed. His knew that a part of Merlin's face had suffered from irreparable damage from before, so he did not mind that he was unable to portray common expressions.

After which, Leylin continued walking in.

There was only an experiment table in here. On the operating table, a white-haired, middle-aged man placed the test tube in his hands down, and his pair of golden eyes met Leylin's eyes.

"I can smell the barely faint smell of the Void Flower in your body, it seems like you really got the petals of a Void Flower!"

Kroft stared at Leylin for some time, before smiling, "You're really a lucky fellow!

"Haha..." Leylin scratched the back of his head, revealing an embarrassed expression, but deep down he was elated.

After deciding to use the Void Flower as an excuse, he had been concocting the substitute ingredients for the Void Flower.


After huge amounts of experiments, he had obtained a type of potion which could emit the scent of the Void Flower with a similarity of 99.98%, to use as his trump card to fool others.

Of course, this potion only had a similar fragrance to the Void Flower, but it did not contain any effect of the original Void Flower at all.

Before coming to the academy, Leylin had especially sprayed some of it on his body, and now it seemed that even Kroft was fooled.

After which, Leylin only had to insist that the effect of the Void Flower was fully consumed by him, then nobody would be able to discover any gaps in his speech.

"No matter what, achieving level 3 acolyte before you are 20, you can already be considered as one of the core acolytes in the academy. Only that you have to go to the Administrative Area to register, then your various welfares and statuses will increase...."

Kroft told Leylin about some benefits and authority given to a level 3 acolyte, which would be awarded to Leylin.

Finally, Leylin could hardly wait any longer and blurted out, "Professor, this time, I'm here to ask about the matter of the official Magus that you spoke of previously...."

"I knew it!" Kroft nodded, "Ever since I saw you after your first meditation, I knew that you are resolute on the path of a Magus...."

The white-haired, middle-aged man pointed at the chairs in the lab, "Regarding this, it might take a while, so let us sit first."

Saying which, Kroft walked towards a recliner and sat down, with Leylin following behind him.

The black chair was draped with the leather of some creature, and running your hands across it gave a comfortable feeling. Between the two chairs, there was a small round table.

Bicky served two hot, steaming cups of green refreshments-- her actions was of the official standard as if she had practiced serving innumerable times-- and hurriedly retreated.

"Green Root Fruit Juice! I never thought that Professor would still keep this habit!" Leylin sniffed the fragrance, and his eyes reflected reminiscence.

"Haha... I have always liked these kinds of drinks, even when I'm idle or when doing experiments, I will still take a sip or two. Moreover, for an official Magus, 3 years is only a short time in their life!"

Kroft made several sips of the drink and then asked, "Leylin, do you know how to advance to an official Magus?"

"Please show me the way, Mentor!" Leylin's expression was extremely solemn.

"An official Magus has long since overcome the limitations of a human. They are able to harness the nature's energy and obtain a longer lifespan. Even the worst official Magus is far beyond that of a level 3 acolyte! They are extraordinary!"

Kroft's voice sounded mellow, almost as if he were singing.

"This is because of the energy and devastating strength that an official Magus controls. A long time-- maybe a thousand odd years ago, on the Luxe Castle of the south coast, all magisterium in the south coast have come to a mutual agreement to control the information about official Magi, and have even endorsed it..."

Kroft spoke of the past history of the Magus World.

"No matter what it is similar to the non-proliferation treaty of nuclear weapons of my previous world!" thought Leylin.

"From then on, before a level 3 acolyte advanced to an official Magus, they will sign a contract with the person or organisation imparting the knowledge to them. To promise that there will be in no way the concrete steps of advancing into an official Magus will be divulged. Any violators will accept the judgement of the Trial's Eye, and his soul to be scorched for a thousand years...."

Kroft looked at Leylin, "I too have signed the contract before, hence I was able to obtain the resources and information needed for advancement. Due to the restrictions of this contract, I am unable to share the information with you!"

"However, I can still tell you of some general knowledge around it!" Seeing the obviously disappointed face of Leylin, Kroft continued.

"To advance to an official Magus, the first requirement is for the acolyte to reach a certain standard in the spiritual force. From what I see, you are very close to this criteria already. Actually, for many level 3 acolyte, this is not a problem at all.

"As for the real crux, it is to have a defensive spell model of a rank 1 Spell. This model will become your innate defensive spell in the future. Also, you need a standard amount of Grine Water to complement with the breakthrough!"

Leylin listened attentively, and various emotions flashed across his eyes, "So then, the criteria to advance would be these three: A certain level of spiritual force, a defensive rank 1 spell and Grine Water! Right?"

"Indeed!" Kroft nodded his head, "rank 1 Magus spell models and Grine Water are controlled by the huge factions. Even on the counters of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, you will not be able to find them!"

Leylin smiled bitterly. He had already scouted most of the markets in the Poolfield Kingdom. There was absolutely no one place which contained Grine Water or a defensive rank 1 Spell.

From level 1 acolyte to level 2 acolyte, all that Leylin had learnt were rank 0 spells. Obviously, the Magi had made clear divisions on the rankings of spells. Moreover, they coined the spells that acolytes learnt as rank 0 spells, to differentiate between those spells of official Magi.

As for Grine Water, Leylin seemed to have seen some information pertaining to it on a ruined draft regarding Potioneering. That was a type of potion that was rather difficult for Leylin with his current abilities to brew. Moreover, many main ingredients were monopolised by the huge factions, and there were no traces of the formula.

"So then, Professor, you asked me to come back, which means that I am able to obtain the Grine Water and defensive rank 1 Spell?" Leylin suddenly asked.

"I can only say that it's possible."

Kroft took another sip of the green refreshment. "Advancing to a level 3 acolyte before you turn 20 is already considered to be a potential Magus. Therefore, you are qualified to sign a contract with the academy!"

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