Chapter 819

Merfolk Pirates

A pirate ship drifted quietly in the pitch black of the night. A crimson skeletal flag fluttered in the wind, holding an aura of death.

Within the captain’s room, the rocking hull did not affect Leylin the least. He was now on the upper levels with Isabel, Robin Hood and a few others, discussing their current target.

“We have over fifty sailors, but their quality is…” Robin Hood shook his head, evidently not thinking well of the sailors that had recently pledged their allegiance.

This was the truth anyway. Without the threat of death, they would not have submitted so quickly. However, having them show their loyalty was practically a joke. If there was a chance, they would definitely betray Leylin and escape without hesitation, even plunge a knife into his and the others’ hearts.

“I know this very well, but loyalty can’t be developed in just a day or two. Time will also help us phase out the people who intend to disobey…” Leylin’s voice was...

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