Chapter 816


Leylin’s solemn tone immediately had Jonas on his guard. He glanced towards Ernest, and the man immediately flicked his fingers. He’d cast Nondetection and Sound Isolation.

With all the preparation done, Leylin spoke quietly, “I’ve already become a rank 7 wizard…”

“What? …. Wha– what?” Ernest’s eyes grew as round as saucers. He’d been completely thrown off his lack of reaction.

“Hasn’t it been less than a year since you broke through to rank 6?” Ernest’s expression was comical, as if he wanted to both cry and burst out in laughter.

“Oh Goddess, do you speak the truth?” Ernest’s face was on the verge of pressing into Leylin’s nose.

“In the name of the Goddess of the Weave, Mystra, I swear that all I say is true!” Leylin looked serious as he swore on the name of the goddess that numerous wizards held faith in.

The price of offending the Goddess of the Weave was that one could possibly be permanently restricted from using the Weave, rendering them a...

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