Chapter 815

Return and Secret Plans

The moment he got off the ship, Leylin saw someone unexpected. The housekeeper of the manor, Leon, had come before him. It was evident that he had been waiting for a long time, and there were even water droplets on his clothes formed from the mist. “Young master, young master! The master is back, and he’s said that you are to notify him once you’re on shore!”

“Father has returned? Good, I’ll see him right away. Take care of the things here, as well as the spoils of war and the captives…” Compared to sneaking around during the last attack, Leylin was now strutting about boldly. He was even hoping to intimidate those who were harbouring unlawful thoughts with this victory.

However, the only ship entering the harbour was Leylin’s own warship. The Black Tiger itself had disappeared with his cousin Isabel, accompanied by a portion of the pirates.

Only a few unlucky pirates were...

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