Chapter 814


“You won’t be able to do things like that easily on your own, you know.” Leylin chuckled as he sat beside Isabel, pulling at her arm.

“Don’t…” Isabel began to struggle.

“Sit properly!” Leylin’s thunderous expression made Isabel’s momentum to flag. Even the strength she possessed seemed to weaken greatly.

Leylin rolled Isabel’s sleeves up. What he saw was not the pale and exquisite skin belonging to a young girl, but a strange arm filled with scales. On the upper arm, there was a curved injury that had been caused by Steve.

“Demonification? And it seems to be a rather high-level conversion ritual…” Leylin raised his shoulders, and then skilfully used magic energy to heal her wounds. He then bound them.

“It’s ugly, isn’t it…” At some point, Isabel turned away, her voice choked with sobs.

“No, in fact it’s still alright,” Leylin answered seriously. He didn’t look much better when he transformed as a Warlock, and became an existence which had practically...

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