Chapter 812


The ambush was a huge blow to the Black Tigers’ morale. Still, Steve retained some confidence in his men. Though they were nothing more than scumbags and trash, they possessed many skills. They would be able to stay alive despite the bad situation they currently found themselves in.

For what it was worth, they were pirates after all. Land fights were never their forte. Their true expertise lay in bombing, boarding, and fighting with ships. If he could only retreat to the ship, it would be perfectly easy for him to mount both offence and defence. It could even be possible for him to turn the tables.

‘When the moment comes, I must absolutely wring this daring bastard’s head off!’ Steve thought to himself viciously.

With their captain’s signal, the crew began to draw closer to the ship. However, a wave of burning heat suddenly approached them, causing the colour to drain from Steve’s face. “Shit! Dodge,...

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