Chapter 811

Sneak Attack

*Whoosh!* The night sea winds had a fishy, chilly smell that made Jacob shrink back.

As a member of the Faulen Family, he might have long since gotten used to these winds and waves, but the deck that was creaking up and down, as well as the billowing sails above, made him as if he was in a dream. This feeling reached its peak when he saw Leylin, standing proudly at the head of the ship.

They were in a typical double mast sailboat. They weren’t squeezed together even with over 80 people there.

But it wasn’t difficult at all to acquire such a thing with the Faulen Family’s status. No, what shocked Jacob was Young Master Leylin’s behaviour!

‘No… Actually everyone is shocked…’ Jacob looked at the leaders beside him who were scared out of their wits, yet at the same time had a fire burning in their eyes, and chuckled wryly.

Just before they had left, Leylin had cast Nondetection in front of everyone. By Oghma!...

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