Chapter 810


With the Faulen Family’s prestige and reputation in the island, it wasn’t difficult to cobble up a patrol. However, on the field where grain was drying, Leylin frowned at the sight of his subordinates.

“Getting fifty from the port and another thirty from the manor… Is this our limit?” A sparse crowd stood at the field, awaiting Leylin’s inspection. While they had done all they could to rub their leather armour and weapons till they were sparkling clean and tried their best to stick their chests out, Leylin still felt they looked like nothing but a bunch of rowdy people.

‘It’s alright if you get them to patrol and maintain order, but once you bring them to a bloody battlefield…’ Leylin shook his head inwardly, though the expression on his face showed excitement.

“Residents of the Faulen Island! There are a group of horrible, evil pirates about to reach the coast. They will slaughter your parents, steal your copper...

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