Chapter 81

Granite Ape

Leylin's gaze seemed distant as if sparks of wisdom radiated from it.

"For the Magi of the upper echelons, under the circumstances where they are unable to advance any further, their only concern is the protection and prosperity of their own family and factions!"

"For that, they monopolised the knowledge of advancing to a Magus, isolating wandering magicians and halting their advancement. Moreover, even the academy has strictly regulated the information given for an acolyte to advance into a level 3 acolyte. . . "

Leylin, who came from another world, naturally saw through these methods of sealing away information.

However, compared to those high and mighty Magi, Leylin was currently but an ant. Even if he saw through it, there was no way that he could resist it.

After all, Leylin was only a level 3 acolyte, and not even an official Magus!

"There is definitely information in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy regarding the experience of advancement to a rank 1 Magus, but I'm afraid it's not something that I can obtain easily! It's a pity, but this is already the most probable situation I can think of...."

Leylin looked at the distant raindrops, sinking into deep thoughts.

After the harrowing experience of advancing to a level 3 acolyte, Leylin was rather traumatic over the incident. Before making preparations fully and obtaining enough information, he would definitely not dare to breakthrough into an official Magus.

For magicians, the step to become an official Magus, from an acolyte, was the most crucial step, and no mistakes could be allowed.

Leylin was, however, unable to discover any information pertaining to this. Furthermore, to obtain this information, he could only plan to seize it from an official Magus.

However, the strength of official Magi far exceeded that of a level 3 acolyte. Not to mention that the defensive force field surrounding the official Magi which the A.I. Chip had detected. Leylin had no means, even now, to break through it. The difficulty of obtaining information on advancement from an official Magus had long surpassed Leylin's limits. Only if Leylin was mad would he proceed with it.

As for what Leylin knew, obtaining information on the advancement was the most appropriate method.

"According to the news that Kroft had hinted at earlier, although it might be rather dangerous at this time, it is also the best chance to obtain these resources and information!"

Leylin looked at the raging thunderstorm outside and suddenly steeled his heart.

Although he was someone who treasured his life dearly, in this situation where his path seemed bleak, he could only muster up courage, and take a gamble!

Right now, he was at the optimal age to advance to an official Magus. Once he missed this chance, even if he could obtain resources and information in future, it would be unlikely that his aged body would support him through the breakthrough to a rank 1 Magus.

Moreover, it was not as though he did not have any confidence. At the very least, according to his own hypothesis and the A.I. Chip's simulations, there was, at least, a 90% chance that the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy required him to fulfill some sort of dangerous mission, and hence, would not sacrifice him! This was enough for him to take a gamble!

"I'll take a gamble this once! If I am unable to scale the absolute peak and observe the radiance from the rays of dawn, then let me be sludge and sink thoroughly into the earth, and rot!"

His eyes sparkled as he gazed intensely at the thunderstorm raging in front of him.


Three days later, in the outer vicinity of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

More than half of the surrounding forests around the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had already been destroyed. The ground was filled with traces of holes and depressions. Not far away, a few patches of the ground were white in colour, and on top of it were some rubble and ashes. From these, one could surmise what kind of bitter battle the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had gone through!

"It was actually reduced to a state like this...." Leylin rode the large horse and dashed ahead, feeling absolutely gleeful that he had made an unwavering decision to leave the academy beforehand.

It had been such a massive battle that it had actually even ruined half of the geography around the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. If Leylin were to remain here, he did not have any confidence in protecting his life.

Following the path and traveling on for another dozen minutes, a huge graveyard appeared before Leylin's eyes.

This was the underground entrance to the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, a large granite graveyard. However, right now, half of the tombstones were shattered, and many graves were also dug open, revealing the dark passages within. The surrounding stone walls and mud reflected signs having been abused by many spells. Before Leylin's eyes, the alert of the A.I. Chip continuously sounded, revealing the extremely high radiation from some traces of these spells.

"Every little tombstone here was actually a personal passageway for each professor in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and all are now in such ruins...."

Although he long knew that the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy would definitely suffer a catastrophic loss, this miserable scene still caused Leylin to inhale a mouthful of cold ai

* Bang! *

Leylin casually kicked a stone on the floor, and walked towards the centremost area of the graveyard, where a huge tombstone that looked like a castle was erected.

This was the huge entrance to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and was the common path for all acolytes.

The surface of the castle was littered with cracks, and part of the topmost area was chipped off. What remained was tottering, and seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Seeing such a sight made Leylin somewhat worried; he felt that if he were to stick a finger out and poke it, this castle of a tombstone would crumble.

"Halt! Outsider! If you are unable to show any items of proof, I will make you pay the price of blood!"

The two stone statues by the large entrance were completely destroyed. The Winged Earthworm and Two-Headed Dog from before were now gone. Right when Leylin wanted to enter, a metallic voice sounded.

Accompanying that voice, a large shadow from the peak of the ashened castle climbed down at a rapid speed. This black figure was taller by an average human by two heads, and its hands were extremely long, extending to the ground.

Although the castle tombstone was filled with cracks, no matter how this black figure climbed, the castle did not waver an inch. Obviously, the construction of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was not as weak as it seemed on the surface.

* Bang! * The black figure leapt, and a huge shadow was projected on the ground, completely engulfing Leylin.

* Thud! * The black figure pounded on the ground, bringing up a layer of dust.

Leylin squinted and finally saw the appearance of the black figure. This was a large ape-like creature. Its whole body was layered with granite, and both of its hands propped itself up on the ground.

[Beep! A creature with high levels of energy has been detected. Now comparing to database. Determined as Granite Ape!] The A.I. Chip's voice intoned.

Granite Ape was a creature in the Magus World with a battle strength comparable to an official Magus.

"I sense the energy waves emanating from the item of proof on your body, take it out!"

The Granite Ape looked at Leylin, and sniffed him with its large snout. As the ape approached, an extremely dense and putrid stench wafted over. Leylin had to muster up a lot of strength to endure the need to frown.

"Item of proof?"

Leylin thought for a while, before hurriedly withdrawing the red metal card from his sack that he obtained before when taking up the mission.

"So it was this!"

The Granite Ape took the metal card and swallowed it in one gulp, as if munching on some delicacy. It even closed its eyes to savour the taste of it.

"It's an acolyte of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy who took on an outside mission previously!"

After a dozen seconds, the Granite Ape opened its large eyes and said to Leylin, "Brat, enter!"

"Please accept my offerings!" Leylin thought, and bowed before the Granite Ape, before taking a bunch of banana like fruits and placing it on the ground.

"Elephant Stout Bananas! Not bad, not bad!" The large ape nodded its head, and took one from the bunch and peeled it, before tossing it into its mouth, as if it could not wait.

"Can I ask what happened to the two guardians from before?"

Leylin asked cautiously, after seeing the Granite Ape enjoying itself.

"They're dead!" The large ape answered concisely, and Leylin gasped silently.

This was something that he had long guessed. The two statues were obviously the first line of defense for the academy. After being attacked, they would easily be the first to perish.

After another bow, Leylin entered through the entrance of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

The dimly lit flight of downward stairs was the same as from before, when Leylin had left the academy.

However, for some unknown reason - which may have been the fact that he was now a level 3 acolyte with a greater spiritual force - Leylin discovered that there were a few marks on the walls and stones, with some traces of blood. There were even some faint wails of spirits who had perished, which travelled to Leylin's ears.

Leylin, who had conducted a massive amount of experiments on spirit bodies, would never mistake these noises for something else.

Along the way, he noticed that he had run into far fewer acolytes than he did normally. Leylin estimated that the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy didn't even have half of its original strength. Even the Trading Post and Mission Area hotspots seemed to be devoid of people.

At the mission desk counter, Leylin handed over the records in the crystal ball and a piece of the Great Snake Mankestre's scales.

"I'm here to complete a mission!"

"Alright, please hold on!" The staff at the counter had changed too. This was a freckled girl, who seemed to only be a level 2 acolyte.

While he was waiting, Leylin was bored to death, and looked at his surroundings.

Although the number of people in the Mission Area had been greatly reduced, the number of missions did not reduce but increased instead. Moreover, many of them had increased rewards compared to before. According to Leylin's guess, while the difficulty of these missions had remained the same, the rewards had increased to twice of what they were originally.

This was an abnormal scene, which made Leylin's eyes flash.

"Ley...Leylin!" A muffled yet hoarse voice sounded behind Leylin.

Leylin turned around and saw a swollen figure wrapped in a black veil. Moreover, the stench of pus drifted over.

"You are... Nyssa!" Leylin's eyes widened.

Naturally he recalled this image clearly, but even if he didn't, the A.I. Chip had recorded it.

"You actually still remember me!" Nyssa's voice had a tinge of excitement. At the same time, an energy wave leaked from her body. According to the A.I. Chip, she was actually a level 2 acolyte.

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