Chapter 809

Devour Breakthrough

[Beep! Mission established, beginning scan!] The A.I. Chip carried out Leylin’s commands loyally.

Soon enough, the latest results were transmitted. [Compared to previous data, target’s vitality has risen by 0.01, strength by 0.02, spiritual force by 0.005. No obvious adverse reaction.]

“The flesh of high-ranked professionals does indeed provide a great boost for regular humans…” Leylin nodded. He understood that these numbers were exaggerated, and if it were himself the amplification to his stats wouldn’t reach even 0.00001. This was the difference created by the varying base stats.

“Ah… you devil! You’re a devil worshipper!” At this moment, Mahnke, who was still on the ground, shrieked. Though Cyric the God of Murder had always possessed a bad reputation, he was still a good samaritan when compared to demons and devils.

Knowing that the wizard keeping him captive was a follower of a devil, Mahnke completely lost...

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