Chapter 802


Lively streams of people filled the bustling pier. The air was filled with the smell of sea and rum.

As the horse carriage entered the port, Leylin watched the busy scene outside through a little window within. Sailors, farmers, soldiers, adventurers, and all sorts of people entered his sights. They were quickly classified, marking those who had decent strength and harboured malicious intent.

As he had been immersed in the study of magic, Leylin rarely came out from the manor, much less came to this area. ‘It seems like the Faulen Family has managed this place extremely well; it even surpasses my expectations. It’s understandable that someone might covet this place.’

Leylin glanced towards the group next to the crossroad. A wandering bard was now performing there, and he could not help but exclaim in his surprise. “Hm? There are even bards wandering around!”

Bards in the World of Gods weren’t just street performers. They were usually spies...

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