Chapter 801


A wizard’s advancement required large amounts of time and energy, and the difficulty of advancing increased the further one walked the path. Two years had passed, and yet Leylin’s ranking as a wizard had only risen by one. However, his speed far surpassed his peers and was a huge motivation for Ernest.

“Although I’ll get an additional spell slot after I advance to rank 6, I won’t be able to reach a deeper level of the Weave… What a pity. If not for that I could’ve gotten a rank 3 spell slot and had a greater chance of victory…” Leylin looked at his stats, his eyes full of regret.

Wizards were ranked based on their achievements with the Weave. Only rank 7 wizards could make contact with the third level, and gain the authority to cast rank 3 spells.

Similar to rank 5 wizards who had just made contact with the second level of the Weave, rank 6 wizards could only use rank 2 spells as well. The difference was that they had greater...

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