Chapter 800

Request and Preparation

Isabel stood in the drawing room, and she still had the long golden hair and blue eyes that Leylin was familiar with. However, her pretty face was stern and icy, and her sharp gaze held an aura of danger.

She wore tight-fitting soft leather armour and had a black scabbard for a longsword at her waist, her slender legs forming a beautiful arc. Leylin sensed an iciness and despair in her temperament, as well as the flames of revenge hidden deep within. There was also evil.

“Long time no see, cousin Leylin! I’m so glad you’re still doing well!” Isabel drawled in a hoarse voice. Her icy gaze seemed to melt a little while watching Leylin, becoming more welcoming.

“Aunt, I’ll be off now!” Isabel bade Sarah farewell, while the rims of Sara’s eyes turned red.

“What happened?” After Isabel left, Leylin’s expression turned dark.

“Ahh… my pitiful little sister…” Madam Sarah began to weep, and Leylin could only...

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