Chapter 797

Calendar of the Gods

The followers of the gods would definitely be redeemed after death. That was the basis of the teachings of the gods. For this reason, the teachings of the gods spread throughout the world, causing the rise of numerous zealots who were willing to give up their lives for their beliefs.

Any research relating to the soul was made taboo here, and was considered to profane the dead or the gods.

‘How foolish they are to place their hopes on someone else…’ Leylin sighed, but did not try to change this mindset. He knew very well how difficult it would be to change an ideology that had turned into a culture over tens of thousands of years.

For this reason, his master Anthony faced death in a very calm manner, and it did not interfere with his daily work.

“Perhaps some day in the future… Your name shall be carved in the church of knowledge, and if my name were to appear in the introduction, I’d have no regrets in my life…”...

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