Chapter 795

8 Years

“In that case, master, if a wizard can only store magic one day before using it the next, then isn’t it necessary to determine which spells to use on the day before? And once the spell slots have been used up…” Leylin raised his hand and asked.

“Yes! All wizards need to prepare all the magic they will use a day prior. It’s important to know which spells to prepare, and as for the issue of spell slots being used up…”

Ernest looked very stern. “Remember this well, Leylin! Once a wizard uses up all his spells and has no scrolls or magic artifacts on his body, he is no different from an ordinary person. Hence, you can never let yourself get into that situation. This is very important! I’ve seen many who used up all their spells and were unlucky enough to be gnawed down the core, without a scrap of flesh left on their bones!”

“I understand!” Leylin sat back down speechlessly.

‘Based on what he said, wizards actually use their...

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