Chapter 794

The Path of A Wizard

*Bzzt bzzt!* A bundle of bright white light emanated from the ring on Leylin’s hand. Piercing white light startled Baron Jonas, blinding him temporarily.

Baron Jonas rubbed at his reddened teared-up eyes, finally managing to recover from the blindness caused by the light spell. What he saw in front of him after that was a wizard who was at a loss for words.

Dear gods! Jonas rubbed at his eyes, watching Ernest in front of him while unable to believe his eyes.

Was this the wizard that he knew? Everyone knew that wizards were the symbol of wisdom and calm. There were few matters that could make them lose themselves, forget leaving them at a loss.

“Haha… very good, Leylin. You did well!”

“Ernest… do you mean that… Leylin passed?” However, Jonas no longer thought of the other matters, because he had already come up with another possibility at the sight of Ernest’s expression.

“Passed? Ah, of course! His talent...

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