Chapter 793


“A rank 6 warrior? How about my father? What rank is he? Is he rank 15?” Leylin appeared very innocent and vulnerable. After all, in the hearts of children, parents were unequalled.

“Rank 15?! Cough cough…” Jacob almost choked on his saliva, “Esteemed young master, Professionals above rank 5 are already valued by nobility. Those beyond rank 15 are treated with excessive respect even among the highest strata of society. There are very few of them on the continent…”

“Is that so?” Leylin stroked his chin. He’d heard about this ranking while he had still been a soul seed, and it seemed like after borrowing a medium to use, the strength of his soul seed was not half bad.

Of course, no matter how powerful he was, he was still a foreigner. Nothing could be hidden from the glory of the gods, and he would easily have been destroyed.

“Uncle Jacob, what happens after rank...

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