Chapter 792

Fighting Spirit

“The accurate usage of formalities and the mastery of titles and honorifics at different levels is a complicated subject,” Anthony wiped the small blackboard behind him, “Before we begin the course, I would like to introduce a respected deity to you.”

Anthony fished out a badge from his chest pocket. On it was a sacred logo in the shape of a book which had a dim luster.

“Can you recognise this?” Anthony asked softly.

“I recognise it! This is the emblem of the almighty God of Knowledge, Oguma!” Leylin nodded earnestly.

The smile on Anthony’s face spread even wider, “That’s right! All of us scholars believe strongly in the almighty God of Knowledge, Oguma, who is also the origin of all knowledge.”

He shot a profound glance at Leylin, “It is also the religion that the Faulen family believes in. Do you pray frequently?”

“I’ve seen my parents do it!” Leylin replied. After all, you couldn’t expect much of a child.

“Very well. Now, follow my actions.” Anthony’s expression grew sincere, pure, and holy, “Almighty God of Knowledge, you are the origin...

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