Chapter 791


*Crackle! Crackle!* The bright flames burning in the exquisite fireplace licked at the top-quality pinewood, and it exuded a fragrant scent. A warm flow of air circulated around the main hall, sharply contrasting the cold dark world outside it.

A long wooden table stood unassumingly in the centre of the hall, a white tablecloth draped over it. On it were silver lamps and precious china, all laid out carefully by maids with beautiful figures.

This china was exceptionally glossy. All of the tableware was luxury goods; imported from rare elves and even more exquisite and smooth than a newborn’s skin. Decorated with extremely elaborate floral motifs, they were simply high-quality pieces of art, and brimmed with the perfectionist style of elves.

The price of this tableware was certainly terrifying, and couldn’t compare to the family properties of all the maids even if added together. If they broke a piece by accident, the great baron would definitely fly into a rage.

Chicken covered in juices and smooth, tender calf loin were all roasted to perfection, and arranged...

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