Chapter 790

The Faulen Family

[Leylin Faulen, Strength: 0.2; Agility: 0.1; Vitality: 0.3; Spiritual Force: 0.7; Condition: Healthy.] The A.I. Chip projected Leylin’s current data in a small blue font next to the image in the database. It was a tragic sight.

‘Alright… Except for spiritual force which is closer to that of an adult because of the memories I’ve retained, the rest are standard stats for an infant.’ Leylin Was rather embarrassed. He was currently more weak than when he’d first crossed over into the Magus World.

‘However… the standards of the adults here are different from those of the Magus World. They can’t be compared.’

Leylin understood the new criteria that the A.I. Chip had adopted. The current statistical units represented the standard of the commoners of the World of Gods. As the laws were more rigid in the World of Gods, there were even changes in the physical constants of the world. It was thus perfectly normal for the average stats here to be greater than in the Magus World.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s voice sounded once more. [Beep! Unknown energy source has been discovered....

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