Chapter 789


Waiting was always boring and painful, especially when one’s safety was entrusted to someone else. Thankfully, this torture was about to end. Through his own senses, as well as the information he’d obtained from the outside world, Leylin knew he would be born soon.

He’d even felt the invasion of an extraordinary energy during the long pregnancy. It was a pure white positive energy, used to heal and increase vitality. Having experienced it several times, Leylin quickly understood what it was. ’The blessings of a priest! Great!’

This blessing was very beneficial for the development of fetuses, and Leylin naturally accepted it without restraint. What made him even more satisfied was that a family who could afford to call for the blessing of a priest several times would not be ordinary. He was starting in a better environment, so the chances of a successful birth were much higher.

With a good background, he could even...

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