Chapter 788

Alternate World Reincarnation

“Injuries to the truesoul are the most terrifying. Even existences of laws will sink into a deep sleep in order to heal them…” Leylin laughed wryly, “This is a result of splitting a small part of my truesoul. If it’s anything like what Beezlebub did, it’s very possible that my main body would just die…”

The phantom Targaryen behind Leylin’s back withered and slowly disappeared. A bit of faint red light flew out from between his brows and disappeared into his hand, flashing like a firefly. This was the smaller truesoul that Leylin had split. The experiment had to begin immediately, lest it dissipate from prolonged exposure to the external world.

“Astral gate, open!” Leylin huffed in a low voice, and a procedure identical to before was executed. His soul force waded through the long astral river until it arrived at the tremendous crystal wall surrounding the World of Gods.

“Manderhawke’s Plate!” The stone...

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