Chapter 786


In order for Leylin’s plan to succeed, a clone was of utmost importance. Because he could not use his soul seed, it was necessary that he separated a part of his truesoul and give it enough authority to act independently.

Leylin had already obtained the technique to split his truesoul from Melinda, and the method to control it had just been given by Ignox.

“Next is to fuse these two techniques and find out ways to reincarnate in another world… With the Manderhawke Plate’s ability, my clone will then secretly enter the World of Gods… Since it will be an entirely independent body, my truesoul clone will also be considered a native of the World of Gods and won’t be monitored too closely, so I can quietly grow in strength…

“Even if I fail, I’ll only lose a clone. If I luck out, I won’t even need to take over the World of Gods. As long as I fuse with that clone once more and absorb all the origin force of the World of Gods from it, I’ll...

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