Chapter 785


“So the original place has now fallen to this barren state?” After bidding the one-eyed dragon farewell, Leylin finally arrived at the area where he had last left his signal.

However, this terrain had obviously changed compared to when his laboratory had originally connected to this place. The many forests had all disappeared, and the bumpy terrain gave rise to feelings of familiarity.

The former location of the lab had long since been swallowed up by seawater, and the rank 6 spider he’d met before had also vanished without a trace.

“Where are Gillian and the rest?” Based on the map saved by the A.I. Chip in his memories, Leylin found no difficulty in finding the place they had gathered in, though it was now completely empty. The pots and metal on the ground looked completely corroded.

“To this extent?” Leylin picked up an iron sword. This was something he had gifted them, made from the best steel and forging techniques of the central continent....

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