Chapter 784

One-eyed Dragon

“My descendant, the Targaryen Emperor! You may put forward another request!” The Snake Dowager’s voice had a hint of helplessness. Her eyebrows, which were slightly knitted, were especially heart-breaking to see.

“The power of this charm she uses incessantly is really…” Leylin smiled wryly to himself. Her seductive powers were produced naturally, just like the aura of Warlocks, and had extremely high potential.

However, the Snake Dowager’s position also made him fall into a state of contemplation. She seemed really sincere right now, but if his own safety couldn’t be guaranteed Leylin definitely wouldn’t partake in this plan.

If he could actually form an alliance with the Snake Dowager and form friend from foe, it would be of great help. After all, he had only truly offended very few beings of laws, and they were Beelzebub, the Snake Dowager, and the Nefarious Filthbird.

Amongst them, Beelzebub was already thoroughly done for, and he could only wait for Leylin to wrap up the loose ends. If the Snake Dowager turned from foe to friend, then the Trial’s Eye would definitely do the same as an...

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