Chapter 783


In the infinite astral plane, the Magus World and the World of Gods were like the two ends of an hourglass. They were both extremely formidable, yet there were numerous smaller worlds in between them.

Among these worlds were large-scale worlds such as the Purgatory World, Icy World and the Shadow World. Although they couldn’t be compared to the big two, these worlds were still plentiful in origin force.

Dreamscape, however, was even more marvelous. It didn’t have a fixed form yet it spanned across many worlds, as though it was everywhere at once.

At its peak, dreamforce was comparable to the energy of the Magus World. However, this strange yet terrifying world was now at its lowest point because of how weak dreamforce was right now.

This characteristic of Dreamscape was evidently exploited by numerous beings. They used it as a bridge for communication and interaction. This was especially so for the Snake Dowager, who had mastered dreamforce.

“Since it’s an invitation, I’ll go!” Leylin smiled and suddenly disappeared from his laboratory. He was confident in dreamforce himself, and although he couldn’t defeat the Snake Dowager in his...

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