Chapter 782

A Call From Dreamscape

“The goddess… will not let you off!” The bishop said as he put up his final struggle. His face was filled with the fanatic expression of someone who had died for a good cause.

Leylin simply did not give a hoot about all of this. “Well! The transformation efficiency of his flesh is not bad. His divine force is also rather decent. Next up… the soul, the most important part!”

However, when the broken sword came into contact with the bishop’s soul, the situation changed drastically!

“You… You actually have the cheek to profane my soul?” The excruciating pain from somewhere deep within his soul made the bishop come to his senses. A mix of despair and resolution surfaced on his face, “Almighty goddess! Your devotee sincerely offers his own life, and longs for your arrival! Divine art— Deity’s Descent!”

The powerful counter-attack made Tiff take many steps back in succession. The summoning ceremony that had been interrupted resumed, now moving very quickly. After all, the bishop had been working himself before but now the goddess only needed to take the initiative to d...

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