Chapter 781


Tiff was muddle-headed as he prayed, but he’d already performed this ceremony of repentance in the past. Even if he stammered over his words, there were generally no mistakes.

“It can’t be!” “We’ve found it!”

However, Tiff found that the aura in his surroundings had changed afterwards. The gazes gathered on him were like those of wolves, causing every hair on his body to stand on end in his nervousness.

“What’s going on?” Tiff raised his head, stunned. He immediately saw that the milky white lights from the altar had turned a demonic dark red.

“Foreign force!” Tiff felt his neck being grasped, and his entire body was yanked into the air.

The old bishop in front of him now looked incomparably sinister. He could faintly see his father wailing before he was struck to the ground. Now even the villagers isolated his family members, keeping away from them like they had the plague.

“No! Once more, please try it once more! My Tiff definitely would not blaspheme against the goddess!” The...

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