Chapter 780

Encirclement and Repentance

“The oracle said this place has been polluted by a foreign force. A purge is necessary!” At the middle of the group of knights was an old man wearing the attire of a bishop, looking devout and pious. He seemed extremely stern.

“Lord Bishop, we have completely surrounded the area!” A knight reported respectfully after urging his horse over. He was chiseled, his features as sharp as a knife.

“Good! Divine corps, be prepared to coordinate with each other. Don’t let even a single heretic escape!” The bishop waved his hand. Numerous youthful and resolute priests dressed in white ceremonial clothing followed behind him, followed by the groups of knights in an orderly manner.

A serious crisis immediately enveloped the little town, but the residents did not notice at all.

“Hm? An exemplary polluted by the power of other laws…” Though his detection abilities were largely limited, Leylin still sensed the people surrounding the village. It was a pity that...

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