Chapter 779


“A meteor shower signifies the fall of a powerful being…” Tiff’s eyes glinted, “Though it represents something ominous, I don’t really care. Such a great opportunity is hard to come by! In no time at all, this area will be crowded with adventurers. I have to be the first to get the good stuff… who knows, I might walk the path of an adventurer and become a respected noble!”

From the perspective of a young child, those adventurers who passed by the village once in a while wearing their armour were amazing and powerful. The knights nearby were even more more of a big deal.

“If there’s another legendary item…” Tiff’s eyes were shining, and some saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t those wandering bards always talk about these in their stories? While the heroes are young, they’ll pick up some deity device by chance and thus walk the path of destiny. That’s so cool…” With his reverence towards heroes, Tiff...

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