Chapter 778

Exploring the World of Gods

The path of the gods, known as the path of faith, was the foundation of the laws of the World of Gods. Whether it was gods, demons or even devils, their desire for believers and souls was frightening.

The competition on the main material plane had been fierce from the very beginning. Compared to the gods who had resources and money to spare, a devil like Beelzebub was already on the losing end and had no choice but to wrack his brain for ideas. His reputation in the main world was awful as a result.

However, this all changed one day.

Beelzebub obtained a fantastic divine device— The Manderhawke plate! He had named it himself, since he had never seen any description of this device in history, although its effects were extremely powerful.

This Manderhawke plate had the miraculous effect of reducing the suppressive effects of a world boundary.

In other words, if Beelzebub wanted to transmit his godly power to the main material plane and would normally be taxed 90% of his power, the Manderhawke...

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