Chapter 777

Manderhawke Plate

“How is that possible? How could the City of Alabaster have a rank 6 Magus?” A voice of denial sounded from within the dark crowd. The owner of the voice clearly did not expect this, as he thought he had already performed a detailed background check on the City of Alabaster before he dramatically knocked down their door.

However, reality slapped him in the face.

“Nothing is impossible! Watch out you old bastard, the one and only consequence for those who offend the interests of the bloodline Warlocks is death!” The monstrous Ouroboros roared with an outburst of terrifying energy. It seemed still as eternity, yet was filled with infinite kinetic energy.

*Rumble!* The earth’s crust shook violently, roaring. Even space itself was warped and the elements were pushed away. The only thing that came out unscathed was the City of Alabaster, which was under the protection of the Ouroboros.

*Pss!* The dark cloud split...

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