Chapter 776


The fight for profits and the crushing repression that came with it was bloody and merciless. Lucca didn’t seem to sympathize with these captives even in the slightest bit.

Perhaps those Warlocks of the new generation would have their doubts. However, having experienced the turmoil in the central continent, the hostility of the Magus World and the glory afterwards, Lucca definitely wouldn’t entertain such a mentality.

“When we’ve arrived at the City of Alabaster and delivered our task, everyone can have a good rest!” Lucca yelled loudly, leading to his men joyously echoing his words. It was interjected by cries of fear from the captives. This scene was rather amusing.

“Also, everyone knows the rules, right? You don’t need me to say anything.”

Lucca then shot a fierce look across the people behind him. There was an exceptionally distinct hint of warning in his eyes.

The other Warlocks instantly turned sluggish. Lukard, on the other hand, forced a smile, “Please rest assured! Everyone absolutely will not show disrespect to the three madams of the City of Ala...

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