Chapter 775

Year 0

Time passed in the blink of an eye. The world continued to turn and change. For someone like Leylin, he often would not feel the passing of time once he wholeheartedly devoted his heart and soul to something. While he was at work, hundreds of years could slip by stealthily.

Of course, to beings of laws who had life spans that were easily ten thousands of years long, such a tiny amount of time was perhaps considered just a nap. But to average humans, this meant more than ten generations of cycles of life and death.

This was a relatively long period of time even for Magi. A few low-ranking Magi perhaps didn’t even possess such a long life expectancy. Only the almighty high-ranking beings would pay no attention to the passing of time like that.

For the average Magus in the south coast or even the subterranean world, the news of the outside world that left the deepest impression on them in this long period of time, was probably the sudden rise of the Ouroboros Clan to power.

The present-day Ouroboros Clan had long broken away from the embarrassing phase of having only two or three small fry. Instead, it had grown to become an influential...

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