Chapter 774

Secrets of the Gods

“Lunatics! They’re all lunatics!” Leylin was fearful, “Such insane methods definitely resulted in a frantic counter-attack from the entire World of Gods, which finally developed into a hatred between the two that could not be resolved… Perhaps even the World Will of the Magus World would not agree to this…”

Those crazed rank 8s must have fought to their limits and fallen in the ancient Final War. Of course, there was a possibility of them surviving, hiding in the darkness and silently licking their wounds, perhaps even waiting for the next opportunity to fight again.

After all, once one reached rank 7, their life force and adaptability would be boosted to an incredible degree.

Things like creating tens of thousands of clones, rebirth using a droplet of blood was no issue for these beings who had reached the limits of power.

“Perhaps… Out of all the existences I’ve seen, there might be some people who are still ambitious and wish to invade it…”

Leylin stroked his chin, his lips quirking in...

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