Chapter 773


“Welcome, newly advanced comrade!” A streak of boiling hot light suddenly rose from the darkness, and Leylin seemed to see flames from the core of the earth.

“This is the Mother Core, the strongest amongst us!” Ignox introduced at the side. A few other powerful conscients descended as his voice sounded.

“This is the Death Sovereign King!” “This is the Abyss Master!” Many rank 8s, some who were said to only exist in ancient legends or myths and some Leylin had yet to even hear of began to show themselves.

“Hello, everyone!” Leylin greeted them. A huge phantom Targaryen appeared from behind him, and the power of devouring twined around it.

“What an interesting fellow! He actually grasps the power of devouring!”

“This path is very difficult. Do you still remember that bubbly teapot 320,000 years ago? He seemed to have walked the same path then…”

“You’re a descendant of the Snake Dowager yet broke through your shackles? Congratulations!”

The many existences began...

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