Chapter 772

Soul Splitting Experiment

[Beep! Database on soul splitting methods completed. Renamed as Truesoul Splitting Technique.]

Watching Melinda leave after giving him what he’d wanted, Leylin heard the A.I. Chip’s response and touched his chin. He had taken advantage of Melinda and obtained her soul splitting techniques. This time, with an in-depth discussion to fill up the gaps, he had made much progress.

This technique was extremely important for Leylin, to the point that it would affect with how he would grow in the future.

Having taken care of the issue of the technique, Leylin was in a great mood and took care of the hidden damage to Melinda’s soul, much to her gratitude.

‘The procedures to splitting the truesoul have been completely deduced. It has a very high success rate, so next is how to control the other half of the truesoul…’ Leylin touched his chin, sinking into deep thought.

While the soul splitting technique that Melinda had provided...

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