Chapter 771


The magnificent ceremony held in Phosphorescence Swamp was a very successful and influential meeting. Leylin had not done much in preparation, and instead left everything to Offa and the others, at most just showing his face when greeting guests and accepting gifts. He also displayed his Breaking Dawn abilities.

This whole process meant that the time that Leylin had showed himself was meagre, causing many high-ranked Magi to grit their teeth in frustration. However, Offa and the rest were very experienced and made sure the ceremony was very lively, and even held several auctions and private trade meetings amongst many others.

It had to be said that due to the vastness of the central continent, it was inconvenient for Magi from various regions to make connections. They could interact and exchange services through this ceremony, which was definitely a nice surprise for them. Even centuries later, there were still...

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