Chapter 770

Beginning The Ceremony

In the Phosphorescence Swamp.

Due to the withdrawal of numerous Warlocks of the Ouroboros Clan, the space had become empty. They were replenished with Warlocks that had been urgently dispatched from the Warlock Union, which was why everything seemed to be in order.

After long talks with Jeffrey, Offa and the rest were now completely subservient to Leylin.

A huge palace constructed to last for eternity, a building which could hold ten thousand people, was now urgently in construction. Large amounts of precious resources were used without fear of the expenses.

“You did well!”

Leylin’s arms were behind his back as he gazed at the high mountains in the distance while speaking to Offa and the rest behind him.

“It is our honour to be able to toil for Your Majesty!” Offa and the other answered respectfully, the gratitude in their eyes genuine.

Their true bodies had already arrived at the Phosphorescence Swamp, rather than staying in the Morning Star Area.

The Warlock Union in the past was far too weak, and...

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